About Samko

Since our inception in 1996, Samko Technologies, Inc. has been creating cutting edge custom software and websites.

As a Microsoft Certified Independent Software Vendor with more than a decade of experience in custom software programming Samko can deliver even the most difficult projects; On time and in budget.

Our time tested development strategy and zealous support have made us the choice for many companies nationwide and overseas. Our customer centric approach and quality control structure have consistently delivered high performance and cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Our Advantages

One stop shop
Samko has experience with real projects spanning desktop, internet, intranet, mobile, database and various other mechanisms (HIPAA, wireless, encryption, ISO, auditing, etc.). This knowledge is taken into account in all of our projects allowing you to expand to more platforms with less cost and time due to pre-planning and code reuse options that are unavailable when using multiple vendors.
Quick turn around
Most of our projects allow you to directly interact with the lead developer and / or development assistant. We do not have layers of sales staff playing the telephone game with your information. You speak to the people who are actually doing the work. This allows for a shorter development cycle and higher quality software.
Prototype / Spec builds available
We have worked with clients in varying states of project development and invention. For several of our clients we have found that a great first step in the custom software development plan is to create a proof of concept project or prototype build that can be displayed to investors or used for internal review before committing to a final product design. Samko can deliver a prototype in various methods to fit your timeline and budget.
Post launch support
With Samko the job doesn't stop on delivery. We can integrate into your support team to help your project maintain availability, scalability and timely answers to customer inquiries. Samko also offers a bug free guarantee with all custom software packages.

The Samko method

When you have worked on as many projects as we have, spanning as many technologies and industries, you come to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in software development. Even though there isn't a single set solution, over the years we have noticed a few practices that have really helped us deliver on time and in budget. These basic practices make up the core of the Samko method of software development:

  • Understand and maintain client expectations
  • Maintain open communication between developer and client
  • Identify technological, social, geographic, physical and financial, long and short term goals
  • Create a clearly defined representation of the software's input and output
  • Create a launch / rollout plan
  • Identify technological, social, geographic, physical and financial, long and short term milestones
  • Create a clearly defined and stable work statement
  • Conduct untrained user testing before launch