We have produced software and internet sites for clients ranging from fortune 500 companies, U.S. government institutions and universites to inventors and individuals. Our custom software developers and designers can develop a stable and user friendly solution for virtually any internet, desktop, database or mobile software application. Additionally, Samko has experience with trusted contractors in electrical engineering, manufacturing, plastic injection molding, packaging and many other business processes in order to help you get a quality product out the door, on time and in budget.

With a wide variety of clients we have worked on a wide variety of projects (several of which can be seen by browsing this website). A few of our most recent projects highlight our varied clientelle and technological diversity and scope.

Our time tested development strategy and zealous support have made us the choice for many companies nationwide and overseas. Our customer centric approach and quality control structure have consistently delivered high performance and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Quick Case Overviews

The Naval Engineering Education Center is composed of the U.S. Navy, The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE), The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers and 15 institutions of higher education all of which are based in the U.S.A including the University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology and many others. The NEEC had Samko create a custom web application to act as the central point for mentoring, project management, encrypted file storage, member management, Q&A, video conference scheduling and administrative functions. Using ASP.Net MVC2 (C#), Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and HTML Samko was able to quickly create and effective and attractive solution. Samko also designed the hardware specifications, purchase and installation (at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) for this project using Dell servers and storage technologies.
RED E Vault
The Red E Vault is your secure on board storage solution. A virtually indestructible USB flash drive originally designed for the plastic injection molding industry. Red E Innovations contracted Samko to develop a multi-lingual, template designer, user and file management solution including synchronization, encryption and cloud storage capabilities with desktop, web and mobile interfaces. Using ASP.Net (C#), WinForms (C#), the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework, SQL Server 2008R2, Sql Server Compact Edition, Microsoft Sync Framework, WCF and Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2, Samko developed a scalable solution requiring no installation or administrative permissions on time and in budget. Samko has since created several additional tools and utilities for the Red E Vault platform including Microsoft Excel exporting, template importing / exporting and sharing, variable sync buffer and batch sizing and many other options.
The Health Indicators Analyzer is the brain child of the Pediatric Practice Research Group at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. The (HIA) was developed to aid health providers in the interpretation of child growth based on anthropometric measurements as well as interpretation of nutritional status of patients of any age. Created using ASP.Net (C#), WinForms (C#), SQL Server 2005/2008, SQL Server Compact Edition and the Microsoft.Net Compact Framework the HIA creates all of the standard charts required for a well patient visit in addition to custom informational letters developed by the PPRG to help parents better understand growth indicators and to teach a healthy lifestyle at home customized by the patient's current and historic visit information. As a part of this project some unique utilities were also created. including the HIA Print Redirector. The print redirector utility allows a user to print from a mobile device with an internet connection to a printstation configured at an office location. Multiple redirection stations can be setup so the printer can be chosen while on location (or even sent back to your main office). Additionally, any data collected in the field could be synced to the main database later if a connection was not available at the time of entry.
A database system is a great way to collect, search, sort and report on your businesses information. With these abilities, spotting trends and delivering improved customer service at reduced cost becomes a reality. Utilizing Microsoft Office and specifically Microsoft Access a highly functional information management system can be delivered quickly and effectively. If your needs move beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Access the back end database can be upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server at any time and with very little modification you can use the same Microsoft Access front end that your users are already trained on. This solution has been delivered by Samko to many clients including the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Bright Smiles & PCC Projects), the Metropolitan Tenants Organization of Chicago, Illinois, the Pediatric Practice Research Group of Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, Financial Services of America and many other clients of all sizes.
J.S. Photography
J.S. Photography is a well respected wedding photography company in the metro Detroit area. Being a wonderful photographer requires a lot of time in front of the camera and that doesn't leave much time for them to sit in front of a computer. J.S. Photography came to Samko with one request; help reduce the time it takes to get each wedding processed and online for customer viewing. Samko accepted the challenge and created a solution using ASP.Net (C#), WinForms (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Now, once the photos are ready to be released for viewing the photographer simply chooses the folder the photos are stored in, enters a username, password and an email address before choosing to process the job. Once entered and processing is underway the application creates large copies and small copies of each image, optionally watermarked and with black and white and sepia tone options as well. Once processed the photos are uploaded to the Samko developed web gallery and a viewing invitation with login information is delivered to the customer. This process and software combination effectively removed several hours of processing from each wedding and allowed the customer to view photos that normally would not have been processed due to time constraints.
R & R Games
R&R is a game producer and manufacturer based in Tampa, Florida who sells to distributors (Barnes & Nobles, Learning Express, etc.), and individuals alike. R&R required a point of sale system that allowed customers to order direct online with pricing variable on wholesale, retail, per user, per group, coupons and special discounts. The solution also had to allow for edi / drop ship orders, invoice factoring, QuickBooks integration for invoice generation, customer management and payment tracking, product restrictions by age, state, city, county, zip, real time shipping pricing with smart packaging based on box dimensions, number per case, product dimensions as well as oversize and overweight intelligence and many other options. This solution was developed by samko using ASP.Net (C#), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the Intuit QuickBooks SDK.

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