Our Services

  • Web Development
  • R&D
  • Technology Consulting
  • Cloud Development
  • Desktop
  • E-commerce
  • Technology Training
  • Application Hosting
  • Mobile
  • Code Reviews
  • Server/Network Setup
  • SaaS
  • Database
  • Efficiency Auditing
  • VBA Migration
  • Remote Support

Services Overview

  • Web / Desktop / Mobile / Cloud / Database / Research & Development

    All of the major development practices share the same 7 major steps. Plan, Plan, Plan, Build, Test, Test, Test. At Samko, we are experts in all 7 steps and would be honored to have one of our developers work through each step with you to deliver a winning product.

  • E-commerce

    Samko has been making e-commerce applications since the days it was considered taboo to type your credit card number into a computer. In that time we have created many custom packages, worked with several third party packages (Yahoo! stores, Aspnet Storefront, DNN, etc.) and created our own Samko Commerce Platform (SCP). The SCP is an extensible online sales platform that includes real time shipping, per user pricing, wholesale and retail operations tracking, discount engines, store locators, inventory tracking, drop ship processing, QuickBooks integration, demo sending capabilities and many more unique features. Contact us for more information.

  • Code Reviews / VBA Migration / Efficiency Auditing / Remote Support

    Our experienced technicians become a part of your team where they are needed most. Does your company write or use custom software? Would you like to ensure your software is using best practices? Would you like to upgrade your custom or prepackaged software from older technologies to something newer? Are you unsure if your data is being processed, stored or utilized efficiently? Do you need knowledgeable team members available 24x7 without having to pay them 24x7? If you said yes to any of these questions or require any form of technology integration, auditing or expertise Samko can help.

  • Application Hosting / SaaS / Server & Network Setup and Migration

    The best software in the world won't do the job if its delivery is unreliable. In order to guarantee the best possible experience for our clients and their customers, Samko offers several services to help guarantee your project's availability and a high quality user experience. Samko offers pre-packaged and custom hosting solutions for our customers. On-site server and network installation is available. Hosting on the Samko servers or colocation in the Samko data center is also available (or setup and shipment to your colocation facility of choice). Additionally, you can opt for your software to be delivered as a service provided by Samko where a monthly service fee is charged in lieu of up-front payment.

  • Technology Consulting and Training

    Regardless of the scope of your technology project Samko can help. With our knowledge, customer service and team integration approach we know we can become a valuable member of your team.