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Did you know?

Employers lose 79% of all negligent hiring lawsuits.
Employment litigation costs companies more than $36 billion annually.
The average plaintiff award is $1.6 million.
A 2004-2005 sampling of 5,533 Michigan patient care workers uncovered 836 workers with outstanding warrants.
34% of employment applications contain false statements regarding experience, education and the ability to perform essential job functions.
Embezzlement losses exceed $4 billion every year.

What is negligent hiring?

The legal theory of negligent hiring is based on the premise that an employer can be held liable for the violent act or wrongdoing of his or her employees if the employer did not investigate adequately the employee's background or qualifications. Negligent hiring claims often involve employees both who are in a position to pose a threat of injury to the public (such as a driver or delivery person) and who subsequently attack another employee or an outside third party (such as a client or customer).

Are you checking employees' driving records?

In hiring drivers, employers should perform background checks for criminal records at the federal, state and city level, as well as search civil and driving records, and verify employment history. A key consideration for potential drivers would be a thorough search of not only local, but also regional driving records, including traffic citations and DUI (driving under the influence) convictions.

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  Welcome to AAN Investigations

AAN Investigations is dedicated to being the premier provider of thorough employment background investigations. With our expertise, we utilize a variety of sources, enabling us to provide the most in-depth and accurate information available. We are committed to providing comprehensive programs and individual attention that will enable employers to take control of their hiring processes. We deliver the critical information you need to make hiring decisions on a timely basis. Our team of skilled experts, which includes a licensed private investigator, is readily available to assist you with all your investigative needs.

The AAN Investigations team will conduct the most thorough background and employment screening available. For example:

Social Security number accuracy
Stealing Social Security numbers for profit has
become one of America’s fastest growing crimes,
with nearly 700,000 people victimized each year.

Criminal Record Search
A complete search of an applicant’s criminal record
at previous and existing addresses, both in state and
out of state. Nearly one in 10 job applicants has had
a misdemeanor or felony conviction, but most
background searches will exclude this critical
information, revealing only local offenses.

Civil Record Search
4.2% of employees have filed worker’s
compensation claims.

Credit Report
One in five credit reports has negative information.

Driving Record Search
36.7% of drivers had motor vehicle violations,
including possession of drugs and Driving Under
the Influence.

Sex Offender Registry
AAN Investigations supports local law enforcement
officials and legislators in their efforts to expand
and update the registry regularly.

Resume Verification
Education - 40% of applicants falsify information on their
resumes, and 25% of the MBA degrees listed on
resumes do not exist.
Employment - 34% of employment applications contain
false statements regarding experience, education and
the ability to perform essential functions on the job.

Customized Screening Services for the Following Industries :

Healthcare & Homecare
Contractors & Home Repair
Cleaning Services
Financial Services
Limousine services

Identity Recovery Team
Asset Recovery Team
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