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Civil Record Search vs. Criminal Record Search

Civil Search
This search identifies any civil lawsuits filed by the applicant or against the applicant. This includes sexual harassment, wrongful termination and age discrimination suits as well as bankruptcy claims.

Criminal Search
This search will uncover any felony or misdemeanor charges. A felony would include such crimes as armed robbery, assault and battery or embezzlement. A misdemeanor would include such infractions as parking tickets, traffic tickets, etc.

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  AAN Investigations Services

Criminal Record Search Package

State of Michigan Criminal Record Search
(additional costs will be incurred for other states)
Sex Offender List Search
State of Michigan Driving Record
Social Security Check
Credit Report

Civil Record Search Package

State of Michigan Civil Record Search
(additional costs will be incurred for other states)
Sex Offender List Search
State of Michigan Driving Record
Social Security Check
Credit Report

Individual Services

Social Security Number Verification
Civil Record Search
Criminal Record Search
Sex Offender List Search
Federal criminal check
Out-of-state criminal check
Employment verification
Education verification
Motor Vehicle Record Search
License/Certification verification
Credit Reports

Description of our Services

Our team of experts will review your specific needs and suggest a package or individual search that will best provide the information you are looking for.

Perhaps you do not need all the services that a package encompasses. We also offer a menu of individual services that can be made into a customized search based on your company's needs. The following is a list of those services:

Social Security Search:
This search will verify the applicant's social security number information, including state and date of issue. The report will indicate if an applicant is sharing a social security number that may not belong to him, and reveal and confirm current and previous addresses, which are often not provided by applicants on their employment applications.

Motor Vehicle Records: The applicant's motor vehicle driving history will be gathered in the applicant's state of license issuance. The report will contain all moving violations, violations pertaining to operations of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and current penalty points on record. This is a good tool to help control liability and to give insights into the applicant's lifestyle and values, including substance abuse. The report covers three to five years of history.

State Criminal Record: Criminal records may identify applicants with violent tendencies or a history of theft and dishonesty. A criminal report provides a seven-year history within the jurisdiction as specified by client. Employers are increasingly interested in protecting themselves from exposure to liability from the behavior of their employees and in providing a safe workplace environment. An employee who commits a crime on the job and has a prior criminal record that could have been discovered can subject the employer to negligent hiring liability.

Out-of-State Criminal Check: Same as a State criminal check except that we will check criminal records of any state outside of Michigan .

Federal Criminal Records: Same as a state criminal check except it is on a Federal level.

Education: We are able to verify periods of enrollment, degrees earned and major course of study from any college, trade school or university as indicated on the applicant's employment application.

Employment History: This investigative search will verify the date and place of previous or current employment, duties, eligibility for re-employment and position verification. Current employers are not contacted unless otherwise approved by the applicant and/or client.

Credit Report: A credit report will be obtained utilizing the three major credit repositories. The credit status of an individual can alert management to situations where the applicant might be susceptible to embezzlement or coercion. Employers utilize credit reports to verify that an applicant is responsible and reliable and to confirm identities.

Civil Records: The applicant's personal litigation history will be gathered through direct contact with the civil courts in the location directed by the client. Results of civil records searches include contract disputes, divorce, and will show money judgments that may have been entered against the applicant.

Sex Offender List Search: State-wide search on Registered Sex Offender list. This list provides name, address, conviction and sentencing information.

License/Certification Verification: Verifies the status of the applicant's professional license or certificate including issuance and expiration dates, revocations, restrictions and complaints.

This list of services gives you a preview of what is available to you in researching an applicant. In some cases, depending on the type of employment being sought, all of the above are critical to aid you in making your hiring decisions.

In other instances, you may only need one or two of the specific checks done on your potential employee. We are the experts. Let us make the decision for you on what specific service you need and get you the most accurate information within 48 to 72 hours.

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