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"I'm really impressed with Asset Recovery Team . They have a very helpful, friendly staff. I'm especially pleased with the great turn-around time. We here at Northwest Plumbing Drain Station are please with the services we receive and would recommend them to anyone."

Northwest Plumbing Drain Station

"Asset Recovery Team has done an exceptional job in recovering our outstanding collection accounts. Their customer service is professional and readily available to assist us in resolving any issues that we bring to their attention. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their bad debt."

Harper Metro CT Partnership

"Asset Recovery Team has done an excellent job retrieving our outstanding debt. We have used them for over seven years and will continue to do so. Their results on our behalf have been profitable."

Michigan Endocrine Consultants

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Identity Recovery Team
AAN Investigations
Asset Recovery Team is a subsidiary of AAN Financial Serivces Group, along with sister companies AAN Investigations and Identity Recovery Team. AAN Financial Services Group is the evolution of more than three decades of innovative leadership in Michigan 's financial sector.

Led by Arthur A. Nitzsche, former bank President and past owner of Telecheck Michigan , with a team of experts with backgrounds in banking, collections, investigations and fraud, AAN Financial Services Group offers recovery assistance for aged accounts receivable and returned checks. AAN Financial Services Group also harnesses its vast network of data sources to offer in-depth employment screenings as well as assisting victims of identity theft.

Identity theft is a relatively new crime. But the team we have assembled to help recover your identity is highly experienced. Team members have backgrounds in banking, credit checks, investigations and criminal justice. Because of our experience, we know how to contact the appropriate credit bureaus, financial institutions, credit card companies and other creditors about your ID theft. Call us if you experience identity theft. Then relax. We'll take care of it.

AAN Investigations strives to deliver the critical information you need to make hiring decision on a timely basis. Our team of skilled experts, which includes a licensed private investigator, is readily available to assist you with all your investigative needs. Our team will help you determine which customized screening services are needed, and conduct the most thorough background screening available. 

Since 1979, Nitzsche has been in the business of collecting on bad checks. Today, Asset Recovery Team utilizes the latest technology to recover the maximum amount of debt, understanding throughout the process the important relationship a business has with its customers. Through skip-tracing, collection probability evaluations, and 24-hour secure online technology for customers to view activity and transmit accounts, Asset Recovery Team has a proven track record of recovering aged receivables and collecting on returned checks.

"I began to realize that some businesses were losing millions of dollars a year because they lacked the expertise and management to properly process and collect on fraudulent payments," said Nitzsche. "Companies did not have the resources to pursue fraudulent transactions. These costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line." How much are you losing in uncollected debt? The best time to call us is before you need us.