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In 2004, over $1 billion in fraudulent checks were passed in the U.S. , putting billions of dollars at risk. This practice is becoming epidemic and the problem is growing. Even with credit and debit cards, on-line payments, and "check 21" this figure is growing at an alarming rate of 205% per year.

There are 3.7 dishonored checks for every man, woman and child in America. It is a misconception that we will become a checkless society. Sixty-eight million families cannot qualify for credit cards and must use checks to pay bills.

Do you want to build your business, increase your cash flow, and appeal to a broader market base?

Are you turning away potential customers?

Are you refusing checks?

Or are you paying high monthly fees for your current check protection service?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, the Asset Recovery Team can assist you and your business by improving your check recovery and improve your bottom line.

Asset Recovery Team can help ensure that you obtain your full customer potential by offering a customer check acceptance program with minimal risk to your cash flow and increase your bottom line profit.

Asset Recovery Team can help you eliminate that large monthly check guarantee premium that you are currently paying.

Pay for Asset Recovery Team check services only when you need them. There are no monthly minimum charges required.

Let Asset Recovery Team take the worry and concern out of this aspect of your business so you can concentrate on your business growth and development.