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Welcome to Client Access Web! Our website allows you to do account inquiries to verify balances, report direct payments, customized reports and provides you with updated information. Asset Recovery Team offers you this valuable resource to make your recovery experience easier and faster.

Asset Recovery Team would like to make your experience with this program as easy as possible. We have set up a way for you to test the program on your own computer. Simply follow the steps below.

•  Log onto
(Don't forget the "s" after http)
•  Client ID: Type TEST
•  Username: Type TEST
•  Password: Type TEST1
•  Click on Login
•  Click on "Account Inquiry" in the box
•  Insert 99203547 in the Acct Number box
•  Then either click "search" or one of the 3 options at the bottom of the box

Client Access Web is perfect for you because:

•  It's easy to use
•  You have fast access to information for input/output
•  It's easy for you to view your accounts
•  You can retrieve statistical information to streamline your recovery reports

Contact: Ann Wiseley , Client Services Representative - 248-233-9504