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Attorney Generals' offices has reported that complaints about bill collection agencies are in the top 10 of all grievances reported.

Selecting the right collection agency is a very important and daunting task. The agency must be responsible, ethical and professional.

Questions to ask when hiring a collection agency:

1.  What collection tools does the agency employ?

2.  Does the agency utilize the most updated technologies?

3.  Does the agency have an online program where the clients can access their information at any time?

4.  Does the agency utilize the most up-to-date skip tracing services to locate debtors?

5.  Does the agency use letters, phone calls, asset searches or other techniques?

6.  What about a pre-collect letter series? Are these utilized?

7.  Does the agency provide an array of consulting services? Some agencies will provide total billing services, while others will provide accounting services.

Asset Recovery Team can answer all your questions and recover your debt.

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When should an account be turned over to a recovery agency?
The rule is" the sooner the better."  When a receivable is 90 days overdue, a 75% chance of collecting exists, but the odds fall .5% with each passing day.  One of the greatest factors in determining the recovery of debt is the age of the debt and how soon it is turned over to a collection agency.

What criteria should be used in selecting a recovery agency?

Select an agency that utilizes state-of-the-art technology which will yield greater recoveries for both aged receivables and returned checks. Asset Recovery Team has 16 years experience in recovery of receivables and 26 years experience in check collections as well as:

  • Recovery industry knowledge and expertise
  • Adheres to practices of Fair Debt Credit Act
  • State Licensed and Certified
  • Works with all three credit bureaus

What are the advantages of outsourcing to a recovery agency as opposed to doing your own in house recovery?

  • Gain access to world-class capabilities that are not available internally
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Free up internal resources for other purposes
  • Quickly move that debt from red to black

Will the agency work as hard on my smaller balances as they would on my larger accounts?
Debt is debt and it all affects your bottom line.  The agency will work as diligently on a $100 debt as we would on a $5,000 debt.

How can I track my recoveries?
Asset Recovery Team has an online tool you can access 24/7.  Reports can also be customized to meet an individual client's specific need.

Do you offer legal options?
We offer a complete list of options up to and including court action and asset attachment.

Is the recovery process on returned checks the same as on outstanding debt?
No, actually they are quite different, depending on the reason for the return of the check. Recovery can be very fast if the client has the proper check program in place.