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Personal debt in the United States is snowballing at an alarming rate.

Personal debt totaled $10.3 Trillion in 2004, up 7.5% from 2000.

Consumer debt had grown just 6.5% during the preceding 20 years.

Work with Asset Recovery Team to assure that your business's bottom line is not reduced by this growing mountain of debt.

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Move those unpaid receivables back to the bottom line.
One call to Asset Recovery Team puts a highly skilled and experienced team to work for you. Here are some of the services we offer.

•  No Collection - No Fee - We will only take a fee if we collect your debt. Fees are based on contingency. No fee until account is collected.

•  Accounts Receivable Management - Asset Recovery Team services clients utilizing the most up-to-date technology for the recovery of receivables and returned checks.

•  Return Check Recovery - Asset Recovery Team is an expert at collecting delinquent checks. The owner and CEO of Asset Recovery Team is the former owner of TeleCheck Michigan . Collecting returned checks is costly and time-consuming to a business. Let the experts do the collection

•  Customized Pre-Collection Services - We offer a full customized pre-collect letter program for your clients. The program can be designed for a softer collection before full contingency collections begin. This program can be customized to each client's specific needs to expedite a quick collection recovery.

•  Professional Skip-Tracing - We can locate debtors who are no longer at the address or phone number you have in your records. Asset Recovery Team uses the latest available technology to facilitate our searches

•  Secure Online Technology available 24/7 - A client can check the status of his or her claims any time via our Client Access Web. Around the clock you can do account inquiries, run customized reports or do client file updates.

•  Credit Bureau Reporting - Your clients are reported to the credit bureaus whether the claim is against an individual or a business.

•  Attorney Forwarding - We offer this at your discretion. Experienced collection legal firms can develop a strategy to collect your accounts through suit, garnishment or liens.

•  Fully Licensed and Bonded.


•  Client Access Web - Allows you to view your accounts online 24/7.
•  Check Recovery Services - Asset Recovery Team can collect your delinquent checks.